In the Lake Maggiore Shores neighborhood of St. Petersburg, FL,
Neighbors are TAKING INITIATIVE to become a place
where all 350 babies and children are thriving –
and inviting others to join in!

Lake Maggiore Shores Neighborhood
Community of St. Pete

Our Approach

• Celebrating neighborborbabies
• Following the lead of neighborkids
• Activating the power of the neighborhood
• Facilitating community change
• Commitment to THRIVING

Key Principles

• Place-Based
• Relationship-Focused
• Strengths-Oriented
• Resident-Led
• Complexity-Informed

What We Do

Neighborhood Community Building
Neighborhood Capacity Building
Data for Change
Continuous Communication

When not out and about, our mobile workspace is stationed in the neighborhood at:

2230 Trelaine Drive S.
St. Petersburg, FL 33712